How Cowboys, 49ers responded to national anthem

Every single time President Donald Trump said something which exposed the corrupt and twisted ways of the leftist leadership, the mainstream media and liberals immediately went in an outrage.

The case was the same when the president made his harsh stance on the NFL protests known, with the leftist immediately labeling him as a naive bully and complicating the situation even further. However, it is known for a fact that they have never faced a rival such as him before, and he isn’t the one to go down easy.

He knows that he’s the one making the rules, so he knew that the end of protests would come only if just one owner took a stand. And the president was proven to be right, when he urged the NFL owners to take charge and suspend the protesting players.

Jerry Jones followed this lead and came forward last week explaining that he would bench flag protesting players. Thanks to his announcement, details now revealed that all Cowboy players stood and honored the flag, with most players keeping their hands over their hearts.

And there was one raising of a fist by player David Irving, but it also took place after the entire anthem had ended. San Francisco however, didn’t receive an ultimatum and took a knee, once again showing the difference an announcement of an NFL team owner can make.

And since chances are that the leftist mainstream media will focus on the protesting players, it is up to us to spread the word and show our support to these players and most of all, Jerry Jones.


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