Trump hits the NFL

It is no secret that President Donald Trump doesn’t stand well with the NFL players which protest during the playing of the national anthem at the beginning of their games, and thus fail to show respect to the American flag and other primary values.

For almost a year now, the protests have been slowly raising the tension between the American patriots and the league, and the entire situation seems to have reached a peek just recently when the commander-in-chief, after many failed attempts, tried to put an end to all protests by urging the NFL team owners to suspend any player who protest.

Choosing to push their protests and thus making no change in the kneeling and disrespecting, the NFL players received backlash from millions of fans nationwide, but the people weren’t the only ones condemning the players, as the president, just like several times before, once again took it to Twitter to express his outrage.

The president’s remarks come just a day after NFL team owner Jerry Jones and his players made an example by having everyone stand with their fists over their hearts during the playing of the national anthem. Just earlier, Jones stated that he doesn’t want any player to kneel, and it has now shown to have had an incredible effect on the players.

In his tweet, the POTUS however, still criticized two dozen NFL players who kept on keeling during the anthem, and showing disrespect to the National Flag and Country, before going on to claim how there is no sign of leadership in the NFL.


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