Trump on NYC Terror Attack Suspect: ‘Send Him to Gitmo…I Would Certainly Consider That’

This Wednesday, President Trump expressed his outrage with the NYC terrorist attack and admitted he was open to sending the suspect to Guantanamo ‘Gitmo’ Bay.

In his speech during the cabinet meeting, the president responded to questions asked by reporters whether the terror suspect Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, who is an immigrant in the United States coming from Uzbekistan and currently facing accusations of killing eight people during Tuesday’s attack, should be sent to the notorious prison in Cuba.

“I would certainly consider that. Send him to Gitmo,” replied the President, before doubling down on his call for “merit-based” immigration system following the attack.

“We want people that are going to help keep our country safe. We don’t want lotteries,” said the commander-in-chief, referring to the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program,” which the suspect of the terrorist act in NYC reportedly got in the States with.

He then further elaborated how he didn’t want to chain migration, “where somebody like him ultimately will be allowed to bring in many, many members of his family, and we don’t want that.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Senior Judicial Analyst of Fox News pushed back against President Trump and other top Republicans such as Sen. John McCain, for the terror suspect to be sent to Gitmo and be treated as an enemy combatant.

He explained that despite the suspect being “horrible for what he did,” if the U.S. sent him to Cuba, it would still be considered “unfair, unlawful, and unconstitutional,” saying that the chances are high for him to be convicted and then executed if he is exposed to the death penalty.


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