Trump signs proclamation making November ‘Veterans Month’

New details coming from the White House have revealed that President Donald Trump signed a proclamation, designating November as “Veterans Month.” The announcement was broken down this Wednesday by Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin.

Shulkin explained that the VA has for a goal to hold events every single day of the month to highlight its progress in reforming the agency, with some of those events focusing on the roll-out of new veteran identification cards, as well as the launch of the 24-hour veterans complaint hotline that President Trump promised to establish during the presidential race.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs has significant issues that span back multiple decades and multiple administrations,” Shulkin said, adding that their “approach has been [being] open to what those problems are,” before noting how the administration sought “bipartisan” solutions to the agency’s issues.

This Veterans Month proclamation comes as a much-needed refreshment since the VA suffered the largest scandal in its history during the Obama administration, after whistleblowers had exposed a widespread scheme to cover up delays in veterans’ care, by creating fake patient waiting lists.

During the presidential race, President Trump used this as criticism of the VA and made overhauling the agency a central plank in his platform.

Aside from everything else, this only goes further to show how President Trump as well as the rest of the first family and his administration are people who stand true to their words and promises to the American people, and only begs the question of how much more greatness we can expect in the years of office to come.


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